Capital Ship Management Corp. is Commended for M/T 'Agisilaos' Successful Rescue Operation by Republic of Marshall Islands

Athens, Greece, February 4, 2016. The Maritime Administration of the Republic of the Marshall Islands commended the Master, Officers and Crew of M/T Agisilaos, managed by Capital Ship Management Corp. ('Capital'), for the successful rescue of 220 migrants  on June 22-23, 2015 approximately 110 nautical miles off the southwestern coast of Greece.

According to the 'Certificate of Commendation' presented by the Marshall Islands, "at the request of the Malta RCC (...) 'Agisilaos' diverted course to provide assistance to individuals on board a small distressed boat in the Mediterranean Sea (...) The boat had been adrift for over a week with limited fuel, water, and other provisions (...) The crew of 'Agisilaos' brought aboard 220 men, women and children (...) and provided them with water, food, and blankets. As instructed by MRCC Rome (...) the rescued individuals and the disabled boat were transferred to a Swedish naval vessel. 'Agisilaos was subsequently released from the rescue operation by MRCC Rome and resumed passage to the port of Mohammedia."

"The rapid response and professional actions taken by Captain Ergean-Marius Militaru and the Crew of 'Agisilaos' are in keeping with the finest traditions of the sea. Congratulations are in order for exemplary service to the maritime community."

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