M/T Agisilaos Aids the Rescue of Migrants in the Mediterranean Sea

M/T Agisilaos Aids the Rescue of Migrants in the Mediterranean Sea

Athens, Greece, June 24, 2015. On Monday June 22, in the evening hours, our vessel M/T Agisilaos,  managed by Capital Ship Management Corp., received instructions by MRCC Malta and MRCC Rome to divert course and take part in the rescue of 220 migrants in distress on board a small boat in the Mediterranean, east of Malta.

After a successful rescue operation, 220 migrants (including women and children) boarded safely. They were accommodated on the deck and provided with all necessary provisions (water, food, milk, blankets etc.). None appeared to require medical attention. At the same time, all necessary precautions and actions were taken, in order to ensure the safety and security of all 220 migrants, as well as the vessel’s crew and cargo.

On the next day, Tuesday June 23, in the evening hours, M/T Agisilaos, following new instructions from MRCC Roma, safely transferred all 220 migrants on board of Offshore Patrol Vessel” Poseidon”. After the successful completion of the rescue operation, M/T Agisilaos sailed to her initial destination without any further diversion.

During this rescue operation, the master and crew of M/T Agisilaos, provided all the possible support and help to all 220 migrants.

Capt. Nikolaos Syntychakis, Managing Director of Capital Ship Management Corp., commented: “We are very pleased that once more one of our vessels was able to successfully assist in a major rescue operation when called upon. I would like to congratulate the Master Capt. Militaru Marius and the crew of the M/T Agisilaos for their professionalism and for bringing this rescue operation to a safe and successful conclusion saving the life of 220 human beings”.


M/T Agisilaos Aids the Rescue of Migrants in the Mediterranean Sea
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