The Chief Executive Officer of Capital Maritime & Trading Corp supports the “Greece Debt Free” NGO Initiative

Athens, Greece, June 26, 2012. Capital Ship Management Corp. today announced that Mr. Evaggelos Marinakis, the Chief Executive Officer of Capital Maritime & Trading Corp., in a highly symbolic action, offered the amount of €168,590 to repurchase Greek bonds worth €1.4 million, thus joining 33-year-old Peter Nomikos’ initiative for the creation of a nonprofit, nongovernmental, nonpolitical foundation called “Greece Debt Free” (GDF).

"Through this act, I wanted to set an example so as to show that we should all contribute to our country during these difficult times. Greeks are patriots and it's high time we show the world what we can do when working as one. Greece can and must go forth" said Mr. Marinakis.

The “Greece Debt Free” charity allows citizens and companies to contribute effectively in reducing Greece’s debt. As mentioned on, the GDF accepts donations for the purchase of Greek government bonds trading in international markets at prices much lower than the amount owed by the Greek state. As noted, the procedures of the GDF are fully transparent and operate in accordance to the laws of the State of Delaware. GDF is subject to the laws of the United States’ charities, which exclude political influence. GDF has no employees, is run by volunteers and concerned patriots, while operating costs are negligible.

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