Capital Ship Management Corp receives Amver Awards by the U.S. Coast Guard

Capital Ship Management Corp receives Amver Awards by the U.S. Coast Guard

Athens, Greece, December 28, 2023. Capital Ship Management Corp receives special Amver Awards by the U.S. Coast Guard. 

This recognition reflects our unwavering commitment to safety and the exceptional dedication of our crew. The Amver Awards are a testament to our vessel's outstanding performance in support of maritime search and rescue operations.

Mr. Benjamin M. Strong, Director, Amver Maritime Relations, U.S. Coast Guard commented: “On behalf of the Commandant of the United States Coast Guard, I am very pleased to extend my personal congratulations to your organization for its invaluable support of the Amver System in 2022. It is my honor to enclose award certificates for your ships. Your vessels contributed to another record breaking year at Amver and we are thankful for your active participation as we celebrate 65 years of saving lives at sea. While the world started to return to normal, your actions reminded us that as seafarers, you never took a day off. You, the seafarer, have earned this recognition for continuing to ensure goods were delivered to a world that needed them. Ships from your company joined those from hundreds of nations in providing a worldwide safety network to assist search and rescue coordinators in responding to emergencies at sea. 6,655 vessels achieved at least 128 days on-plot contributing to 376 lives saved in 2022. Whether your ship is a new participant or has been active for many years, you should take pride in the voluntary commitment of your officers and crews to the safety of life at sea".

The Awards were presented at the annual ‘Amver Awards’ ceremony at the Intercontinental Hotel in Athens, Greece organized by the International Propeller Club of the United States, International Port of Piraeus in cooperation with the United States Coast Guard and the United States Embassy in Greece.


Capital Ship Management Corp receives Amver Awards by the U.S. Coast Guard
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