Capital Ship Management Corp. Takes Delivery of M/T 'Atrotos' & M/T 'Anikitos'

Capital Ship Management Corp. Takes Delivery of M/T 'Atrotos' & M/T 'Anikitos'

Two tankers with Wind-Assisted Ready and HVSC-Ready ABS notations, LNG Fuel Ready sister ships with eco-friendly design delivered to Capital in 2023.

Piraeus, Greece, April 21, 2023. Capital Ship Management Corp. ('Capital') took successful delivery of the newbuilding vessels M/T ‘Atrotos’ and M/T ‘Anikitos’, two 50,000 dwt, eco-type Chemical/Product MR tankers, built by Hyundai Vietnam Shipyard Co Ltd. They are two out of six sister vessels delivered to Capital in 2023, with eco-friendly design, LNG Fuel Ready, assigned with Wind-Assisted Ready and HVSC-Ready notations by ABS.

The HVSC-Ready notation is for vessels equipped with High Voltage Shore Connection systems to be installed in the future, and the Wind-Assist Ready notation refers to vessels equipped with wind-assist equipment to be installed on board. Both vessels have future proof design compliant with EEDI Phase 3 and are annotated with ABS SUSTAIN-1 (2020) that demonstrates adherence to the United Nations' (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

Being Tier III compliant for reduced NOx emissions, assigned ABS ENVIRO notation, as well as ABS Wind-Assisted Ready, HVSC-Ready and LNG Fuel Ready notations, and equipped with IHM notation for safe recycling, M/T ‘Atrotos’ and M/T ‘Anikitos’ are two of the most environmentally friendly, technologically advanced and efficient vessels in the global MR fleet.

  • UKAS AND ISO-9001 ISO-14001 ISO-45001 ISO-50001
  • Intertanko
  • Rina
  • Helmepa
  • Tanker Company of the Year
  • Amver
  • Green Flag 2018
  • Excellence Award - GREEN4SEA
  • Sea Transport Awards 2015 - Best Vessel Operator Europe