Even since the World Health Organization declared that the outbreak of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) constituted a Public Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC), at Capital Ship Management we continuously make operational adjustments necessary to protect all our people onboard and ashore, our customers and our partners while implementing best practice policies to continue operating our vessels safely and efficiently.

Nearly all countries and ports in the world are affected by the Covid-19 global pandemic crisis, however the measures being implemented by each to deal with the situation are varying (in degree and extent of additional controls) and some of the measures are being implemented on short notice. Some of the countries have implemented quarantine lockdown of cities, which is seriously affecting the shipping business and it’s allied/ supporting services, as in some cases the vessels are being placed under compulsory quarantine for 14 days or more based on last port of call, even though there are no sick crew members on board. This situation and such additional measures are beyond the ship, manager and Owners control and may result in some delay to vessel during port operations.

We are closely monitoring and guiding the ships, implementing best-practice measures onboard to prevent a Covid-19 outbreak. Ship captains are doing their best to convince the authorities, by demonstrating the effective implementation of preventive measures on board and working with the agents, terminals and port authorities to speed up the port operations as efficiently as local conditions allow them.

Vessel and Ship Staff:

We implemented the following additional measures on board ships:

  1. We have suspended crew changes on all vessels and we are keeping our ships’ staffs motivated through various means to continue their stay on board.
  2. In case of an emergency, wherein a crew member needs to disembark from a vessel, we will liaise with relevant port authorities and arrange for disembarkation in line with the local rules & regulations. The disembarkation plan will be decided on a case by case basis.
  3. All ships’ staff have been advised to order dry provision items for up to 3 months. We are liaising with our approved vendors to arrange for the supply accordingly and we have been able to procure the required provisions for our vessels till now.
  4. We are trying to arrange supplies, including extra stores, whenever vessels are calling major supply ports. We have advised our vessels to increase the quantities of stores being ordered, as this disruption to world trade due to Covid-19 is expected to continue further for next few months.
  5. We maintain a strict boarding protocol for visitors, either short term or eventually required to sail with the vessel.

Superintendents and Office Staff:

In addition to the above measures, we implemented the following additional measures in our offices:

  1. Limiting the number of visitors to office and monitoring temperature of all visitors. Getting health declaration from all visitors prior to allowing entry.
  2. Travel of all office staff has been put on hold unless deemed essential by company’s top management.
  3. All superintendents on travel, have been called back to their home country.
  4. All employees returning from overseas are made to comply with local Ministry of Health guidelines, such as self-quarantine, reporting, etc.
  5. All office personnel work from home, except a minimum skeleton staff working in the office (approx. 12-15 people). Social distancing is being maintained within office premises.

As the Covid-19 pandemic is dynamic and changing every day, we continue to monitor and revise/ add/ implement measures accordingly on board our vessels & in office to maintain business continuity.

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